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Product Usage

We supply high quality fiber optic jumpers, CATV serve cable assemblies, and CAT3 and CAT5 patch cords, as well as enhanced CAT6 patch cables. We only use top quality products from the leading names in the telecommunications industry. We also terminate, test and certify fiber optic cable.

Voice Cabling

Voice Cable Installation and Usage

There are several different grades of cable to be considered for certain applications. With the arrival of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) the future of telephones and telephone cabling may change dramatically.

Data Cabling

Data & Network Cabling

Network or Data cables are what keep your business going and communicating. The material, quality, installation and testing of such cabling is critical. Much more so than that of Voice Cabling. This is mainly due to networks of businesses today demanding incredible speeds and transferring large amounts of information. Our educated and certified staff of technicians will make absolutely sure that your new cabling structure will live up to the demand of your networking needs.

Coax Cabling

For higher bandwith demands

Coax cables support much higher bandwiths than unshielded twisted pairs (UTP) cables. The best result for coax cable usage is when the transmitter and receiver have matching impedance. The need for such matching is crucial at higher frequencies where impedance mismatches can be severe. Being able to install coax cables and actually knowing how to install this type of cabling are of completely different spectrums. Our certified staff of technicians make sure both transmitter and receiver have identical impedance.

Wireless Cabling

Outdoor and Indoor Wireless Network Points

Wireless networking is vastly coming into high demand. With the ever growing usage of laptop PCs in the business and personal the need for wireless network access points is growing. In many businesses today Voice Cabling, Data Cabling, Fiber Optic Cabling, and Wireless Access Points are all used together. Main Street Connections is able to design, install, and configure what ever your business may need.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Networking at the speed of light

Fiber Optic Cabling provides the largest possible bandwiths of any cabling offered today and at the greatest possible speeds. Fiber Optic cable are typically more costly than the other cabling options but it provides higher security with immunity from electromagnetic interference (EMI). Fiber Optic Cables is also the solution when your Data Cable lengths are going to exceed 90m.
Fiber Optic Technicians are trained quite differently than the technicians that install other types of cabling. Fiber requires a completely different form of cable termination and testing. This type of cable is very fragile once exposed, after all it is made from fiber which is a glass like substance. All termination, testing and maintenance of fiber optic cabling is carried out by Main Street Connections is done so by Fiber Optic Certified Technicians.

Server Rooms • Com Rooms

Center of network structure

The Server Room is an area in your business that houses your server and patch panels. This is the brains behind your network. In this room there can be several hundred different cables coming into this central location. Or if your server is stored separate from your patch panels tie cables or patch cords will be run from one location to the other. In both locations the structure or the wiring and the appearance of the cabling should be clean. A hallmark of Main Street Connections is that if your company has 10 cables or 2000 cables, all will be structured in a clean and neat appearance. All will be labeled in accordance of the destination of each cable.