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We at Main Street Connections are proud to be a part of VALCOM®. They are by far an industry leader in the versatility of intercoms and paging systems and creating new industry standards. The VALCOM® intercom systems can be programmed and configured to suit any business or school need. School paging and intercom systems are the most complex design of any application of a paging system or intercom. The VALCOM® paging systems are designed to suit any academics application as well as making communication within any business better creating a much more stable work environment.

Some of the VALCOM® Intercom features:

  • Interfaces to any phone system
  • Expandable up to 360 classrooms per unit
  • CAT 3/5 telecom/data cabling installation
  • Integral one-way and two-way and hands-free amplifiers
  • Emergency voice announce over speaker
  • Off-site programming and diagnostics
  • All call paging
  • All call emergency override tones/alerts
  • Wall mounted rack
  • Easy Windows based programming software
  • Limitless grouping for section pages
  • Seamless connection with current smoke detectors
  • Custom tone creation

Please contact us at with any questions regarding the VALCOM® Intercom System or with any help assisting you with created your own intercom or paging system.