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Siemon Logo When you plan and design mission-critical data center facilities, you are building the ingrastruture on which the entire enterprise will rely. The physical ingrastructue is the foundation of your business and its strength and reliability is crucial. Be sure your strong foundation includes Siemson's Data Center Cabling Solution. Main Street Connections teamed with Siemon are recognized leaders in Data Center cabling and are your comprehensive source for high-performance end-to-end cabling infrastructure:

  • Cabling consulting and design
  • Warrantied installation
  • Standars-based products enabling speeds up to 10 Gb/s over both copper and fiver
  • Expert technical support service

The data center is evolving as the critical heart of today's enterprise. The trend towards a true enterprise network continues through the single-network convergence of equipment, services and applications. Networked systems and Internet-based applications continually require more bandwidth and higher speeds to operate to full potential. While these expanding requirements should be considered across all data center equipment options, they are crucial to physical infrastructue choices - the entire network will eventually rely on the cabling infrastructure and for the first time, standards such as TIA-912 spcifically address physical infrastructure requirements for data centers.

How do you stay on top of that kind of change and ensure that your infrastructure will support your future? Rely on cabling infrastructue experts. Siemon has been designing cabling components for a century, and their expertise can help you design and install a robust and future-proof infrastructure for your data center. Reliable, secure, standards-based, high-performance cabling systems-Siemon is the one source for cabling infrastructure expertise.

Comprehensive High Performance Solutions

10G 6A10Gip and Cat6a
XGLO FiberXGLO® Fiber

Siemon's Data Center Cabling Solution centers around its 10G ip line. Consisting of Siemon's category 7/Class F Tera - the highest performing copper cabling system available, 10G 6A augmented category 6 YTP and F/UTP copper solutions and XGLO fiber optic solutions, Siemon's 10G ip family of cabling products represents the most comprehensive line of end-to-end 10Gb/s capable solutions available. The entire Siemon 10G ip line meets or exceeds all requirements under the pending 10GBASE-T standars, including alien crosstalk. This comprehensive 10Gb/s solutions set offers the freedom to shoose the solution that best fits your data center, and ability which will grow in importance over the coming months and years.

Siemon's Data Center Network Cabling Solution is qligible for Siemon's full warranty on parts, performance, and labor for a full 20 years. Siemon provides a single point of contact for all warranty matters, ensuring satisfaction and a life-long partner you can rely on.