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Siemon VersaPOD Data Cabinet

VersaPOD Data Center Solution

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Siemon Logo Siemon's VersaPOD enabls a completely new and efficient approach to your physical data center infrastructure. By Leveraging the vertical space between bayed cabinets for patching and cable management, the V-POD frees critical horizontal space for active equipment, providing the ultimate density in he minimum floor space.

The V-POD's innovative Zero-U vaertical patch panels (VPP) dramatically simplify even the most dense active equipment patching needs while its vertical patching channels (VPC) offer clean, orderly, and easily managable method of high-density cable routing.

All of the V-POD's unique features are integrated into a full-featured modulat enclosure that is equally effective as a standalone cabinet or in a multi-unit bayed configuration, offering a simple, scalable expansion path in any data center.

VersaPOD Products

VersaPOD Cabinet BaseVersaPOD Cabinet Enclosure Base Unit
VersaPOD 19in Panel BracketVersaPOD Bracket for Standard 19" Patch Panel
VersaPOD Copper Patch PanelVersaPOD Copper Patch Panel
VersaPOD Copper Fiber Combo Patch PanelVersaPOD Copper/Fiber Combo Patch Panel
VersaPOD Vertical Cable ManagementVersaPOD Vertical Cable Management Tray
VersaPOD Horizontal Cable ManagersVersaPOD Horizontal Cable Managers
VersaPOD Vertical Patching ChannelVersaPOD Vertical Patching Channel
VersaPOD Grounding KitVersaPOD Grounding Kit
VersaPOD Blank Filler PanelVersaPOD Blank Filler Panel
VersaPOD Single Sided Equipment ShelvesVersaPOD Single Sided Equipment Shelves
VersaPOD Brush GuardVersaPOD Brush Guard
VersaPOD Top Mount Cooling Fan PanelVersaPOD Top Mount Cooling Fan Panel