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Siemon 10 Gb/s XGLO® Fiber Optic Cabling System

XGLO® Fiber Optic Cabling

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Siemon Logo Part of Siemon's 10G iptm solution, the XGLO® fiber system is ideal for next generation backbone or fiber-to-the-desk applications. XGLO® cable assemblies feature premium fiber meeting IEEE 802.3 10 Gigabit Ethernet Standard as well as IEC-60793-2-10 and TIA-492AAAC specification for laser bandwidth Differential Mode Delay (DMD) specifications. XGLO® utilizes laser-optimized fiber for superior transmission performance for 1G or 10G Ethernet applications.

Siemon's 10Gb/ XGLO Fiber Cabling Products

Fiber BezelFiber Bezel
Fiber Connect PanelFiber Connect Panel
Fiber Outlet BoxFiber Outlet Box
Fiber Quick Pack Adapter PlateFiber Quick-PackTM Adapter Plate
LC ConnectorLC Field-Installed Fiver Connector
MTP Adapter PlateMTP Adapter Plates
MTP to LCMTP to LC Hydra
MTP to LC TrunkMTP to LC Trunk
MTP ExtenderMTP to MTP Extender
MTP to MTP ReelsMTP to MTP Reels
Plug and Play ModulesFiber Plug and Play Modules
Pre Loaded EnclosurePre-Loaded RIC3 Enclosures
Rack Mount Interconnect CenterRack Mount Interconnect Center
XGLO Jumpers and PigtailsXGLO® Jumpers and Pigtails
XGLO LightSystem Fiber Trunking Cable AssemblyXGLO® LightSystem® Fiber Trunking Cable Assembly
XLR8 Fiber ConnectorsXLR8 Fiber Connectors
XLR8 Fiber Ternimation KitXLR8 Fiber Termination Kit

XGLO® Warranty

Siemon's XGLO® cabling solution is backed by Siemon's exclusive 20-year warranty, providing 100% coverage of products, cabling performance and applications, when installed by a Siemon Certified Installer. The XGLO® cabling solution is guaranteed to IEEE 802.3ae 10 Gigabit Ethernet requirements as well as IEC-60693-2-10 and TIA-492AAAC specifications for laser bandwidth Differntial Mode Delay (DMD) specifications. In addition, it exceeds all ANSI/TIA/EIA and ISO/IEC insertion loss and return loss requirements.