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Main Street Connections, LLC is located at 138 Northstar Drive in Jackson, TN. We are located in the heart of West Tennessee and from this location able to service a large area very quickly. Being located in the western portion of Tennessee we are able to promptly service any business in the surrounding states and will gladly service any business need throughout the rest of the United States.

Networking & Infrastructure

The network or infrastructure of a business is indeed the heart and sole of that said business. With this in mind, every infrastructure designed and installed by MSC is one we would have in our own place of business if it were to suit our needs. The design team of engineers at Main Street Connections takes on every task as if it were there own business. These engineers will sit down with you and discuss your current business needs and your future expectations. Not only will a system designed for your business by MSC handle your current business requirement it will be designed and configured to adapt to the growth of your business. The engineer you will deal with will not speak in technical babble that may confuse you but will be certain to be clear on what your business may need or should be using to preform at optimal, reliable and secure capabilities.

Once your system has all the necessary cabling ran, panels installed, jacks installed, and everything properly labeled it will then be tested by accredited technicians. Upon your request, copies of cable test results can and will be provided for your own documentation. Many telecommunication companies are not capable of doing such cable testing due to the cost of test meters and quite often contract out such work to another company. When you deal with Main Street Connections and we do a job for your company we do all the work ourselves: Data Cabling, Voice Cabling, Fiber Optic, Wireless Access Points, Patch Panels, Labeling, Trenching, Cable Terminating, Fiber Fusing, Telephones, Headsets, and Testing. MSC and our staff of certified technicians handle every aspect of any job that we take on and we do so until the job is complete.