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Site Cabling

Cabling • Cable Dressing • Fire-Caulking

Inbound Server Room Cabling

At Main Street Connections, LLC all inbound cabling are fire-caulked for server or communication room fire protection. Our cabling is dressed and kept as clean as possible. This makes any additions or changes much easier by being able to trace every piece of cable entering or leaving the server rooms.

Our experienced and certified staff of technicians take great pride at not only completing a job that exceeds industry quality standards, but also providing a neat and tidy environment. Every part of the cabling process is kept presentable although most are hidden from plain view. If other companies have done cabling in your facility our cabling structure and appearance will stand apart from any other both visible and non-visible cabling.

Patch Panel Cabling

Service Loops • Cabling • Dressing • Termination

Data Patch Panel • Server Room

The cabling going to patch panels and coming out of the panels are all organized and easy to follow. This is not only visually satisfying but safer and easier to work with. Most places simply bundle all of there cables together. Not at Main Street Connections. Each and every cable can be followed to the service loops located at the storage area above the server racks or stations. This type of instalation is the most structurally sound cabling you system you will ever come across.

Once a rack or patch panel is complete such as the one pictured above every cable is then checked and certified. The readings are documented and stored for easy access and typically warranted for at least 15 years.

Telephone Switch Rooms

Telephone Cabling • Feeder Cabling

Communication Room Telephone Switch

All of our telephone equipment rooms are cabled similar to this one. Each feeder cable is labeled and dressed so that it can be properly documented, tested, and maintained. At Main Street Connections we handle more than Data communications like many other of the Telecommunications and cabling companies in the industry. Any type of system needed for your business can be properly designed, configured, installed, tested and maintained. No matter the size. Whether it be a paging system, telephone system, data network, voice network, fiber optics, or wireless access points Main Street Connections is capable of handling in job inside or outside.

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Assorted On-Site Completed System Images