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Panduit Logo The GROUNDRUNNERTM Underfloor Cable Routing System is a wire pathway designed to route and manage network datea and power cabling beneath the raised floor in a data center. This innovative system supports high capacities, protects cables from damage to improve network performance, and is fully electrically bonded to facilitate proper grounding. The FIBERRUNNERTM and FIBER-DUCTTM Routing Systems consist of channels, fittings and brackets designed to segregate, route and protect fiber optic and high performance copper cabling. Typical applications include data centers and Telco Central Offices where cable is routed from distribuition areas to equipment cabinets or racks. They can be deployed overhead or in approved underfloor installations. Available standard colors include, yellow, orange and black.

Panduit GRIDRUUNNERTM Underfloor Cable Routing

Gridrunner Wire BasketGRIDRUNNERTM Wire Basket
Gridrunner Pedestal BracketGRIDRUNNERTM Pedestal Bracket
Gridrunner AccessoriesGRIDRUNNERTM Accessories

Panduit FIBERRUNNERTM Cable Routing Systems

Fiberrunner ChannelFIBERRUNNERTM Channel
Fiberrunner CouplerFIBERRUNNERTM Couplers
Fiberrunner System FittingsFIBERRUNNERTM System Fittings
Fiberrunner Mounting BracketsFIBERRUNNERTM Mounting Brackets
Fiberrunner SpilloutsFIBERRUNNERTM Spillouts
Fiberrunner AccessoriesFIBERRUNNERTM Accessories

Panduit FIBER-DUCTTM Cable Routing Systems

Fiber-Duct ChannelFIBER-DUCTTM Channels
Fiber-Duct FittingsFIBER-DUCTTM Fittings
Fiber-Duct Brackets and AccessoriesFIBER-DUCTTM Brackets & Accessories
Fiber-Duct SpilloutsFIBER-DUCTTM Spillouts