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Panduit Cable Ties and Cable Tools

Panduit Cable Tools & Installation Tools

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Panduit Logo PANDUIT® provides comprehensive bundling solutions including Cable Ties that are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and materials for fastening, bundling, clamping and identifying in a variety of applications throughout the physical infrastructure. All PANDUIT® Cable Ties are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards to deliver maximum reliability. As part of the bundling solution, PANDUIT® provides a broad range of Cable Tie installation tools to optimize safety and speed, contributing to lower total cost of ownership.

Panduit Nylon Cable Ties

Cable TiesCable Ties
Cable Ties with Steel BarbCable Ties with Steel Barb
Cable Ties Super GripCable Ties - Super Grip
Two Piece Cable TiesTwo Piece Cable Ties
Lashing Cable TiesLashing Cable Ties
Automatic Cable TiesAutomatic Cable Ties

Panduit Clamp Ties

Clamp TiesClamp Ties
Clamp Ties with Steel BarbClamp Ties with Steel Barb
Two Piece Clamp TiesTwo Piece Clamp Ties

Panduit Marker & Flag Cable Ties

Marker TiesMarker Ties
Marker Ties with Steel BarbMarker Ties with Steel Barb
Two Piece Marker TiesTwo Piece Marker Ties
Ultimate ID Marker TiesUltimate ID Marker Ties

Panduit Push Mount Ties

Push Mount TiesPush Mount Ties
Push Mount Ties with Steel BarbPush Mount Ties with Steel Barb

Panduit Parallel Entry Ties

Contour-TY Cable TiesContour-TY Cable Ties
Hyper-V In-Line Cable TiesHyper-V In-Line Cable Ties
In-Line Cable TiesIn-Line Cable Ties
Hook and Loop Cable TiesHook & Loop Cable Ties
Cable Bundle Organizing ToolCable Bundle Organizing Tool
Elastomeric Cable TiesElastomeric Cable Ties

Panduit Specialty Ties

Dura-TY Cable TiesDura-TY Cable Ties
HALAR Cable TiesHALAR Cable Ties
TEFZEL Cable Ties and MountsTEFZEL Cable Ties & Mounts
Stud Mount and Chassis Mount Cable TiesStud Mount & Chassis Mount Cable Ties
Double Hose Clamp and Double Loop Cable TiesDouble Hose Clamp and Double Loop Cable Ties
PEEK Cable TiesPEEK Cable Ties
Metal Detectable Cable Ties and MountsMetal Detectable Cable Ties and Mounts

Panduit Cable Tie Installation Tools & Kits

Manual Cable Tie Installation ToolManual Cable Tie Installation Tool
Pneumatic Cable Tie ToolPneumatic Hand Tools with Tool-Controlled Tension and Cut-Off
Automatic Cable Tie ToolAutomatic Cable Tie Installation Tool
Cable Tie KitsCable Tie Kits