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Panduit Copper Systems

Panduit Copper Cable, Copper Wire, and Copper System Tools

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Panduit Logo PANDUIT® offers a full line of innovative copper products that meet the most demanding industry requirements for data and telecommunication applications. Systems are designed to support emerging technologies, including Voice over IP and Gigabit Ethernet and exceed the latest industry standards to provide assurance of network reliability. Copper jack modules, patch cords, patch panels, punchdown systems, cable assemblies, and pre-terminated solutions provide the greatest value by assuring reliability and providing foundation for future network growth.

Panduit Cable

Cat 6A CableCatagory 6A
Cat 6 CableCatagory 6
Cat 5E CableCatagory 5E

Panduit Copper Modules

Twisted Pair Jack ModulesTwisted Pair Jack Modules
Coupler ModulesCoupler Modules
Audio/Video ModulesAudio/Video Modules

Panduit Patch Panels

Modular Patch Panesls
Punchdown Patch Panels
Audio/Video Patch Panels
Patch Panel Kits
Coupler Patch Panels
Connectorized Patch Panels

Panduit Pre Terminated Cable Assemblies

Catagory 6ACatagory 6A
Catagory 6Catagory 6
Catagory 5ACatagory 5A

Panduit Patch Cords

Cagory 6A Patch CableCatagory 6A Patch Cable
Catagory 6 Patch CableCatagory 6 Patch Cable
Catagory 5E Patch CableCatagory 5E Patch Cable

Panduit Punchdown Systems

Catagory 6 PunchdownCatagory 6 Punchdown
Catagory 5E PunchdownCatagory 5E Punchdown

Panduit Modular Plugs

Catagory 6 Modular PlugCatagory 6 Modular Plug
Catagory 5E Modular PlugCatagory 5E Modular Plug

Panduit Copper System Tools

Cable Prep ToolsCable Prep Tools
Jack Module Termination ToolJack Module Termination Tool
Punchdown ToolPunchdown Tools
Modular Plug ToolModular Plug Tools
Patch Cord ToolPatch Cord Tool