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Panduit Logo PANDUIT® offers end-to-end solutions to meet customer needs and today's critical application requirments for grounding data centers. PANDUIT® StructureGroundTM for Date Center Grounding provides a high quality, visually verifiable and dedicated grounding to maintain system performance, improve network reliability and protect network equipment and personnel. Highest reliability is ensure; the grounding system meets all applicable grounding and bonding industry standards. PANDUIT® StructureGroundTM System for Data Center Grounding gives you what you need to properly protect your investment.

Panduit Grounding Connectors

Access Floor Ground ClampAccess Floor Ground Clamp
Sevice Post Connectors - BronzeBronze Service Post Connectors
Ground Clamp - BronzeBronze Ground Clamp
Rod Clamp - CopperCopper Rod Clamp
Ground Pipe Clamps - Aluminum and BronzeAluminum & Bronze Ground Pipe Clamp
Lay in LugsLay in Lugs

Panduit Compression Connectors & Covers

Direct Burial CompressionDirect Burial Compression
Black CoversBlack Covers
Clear CoversClear Covers

Panduit Rack & Cabinets Grounding Kits

Cabinet Grounding Complete KitsCabinet Grounding Complete Kits
Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Port KitElectro Static Discharge (ESD) Port Kit
Retrofit Rack Grounding KitsRetrofit Rack Grounding Kits
Electro Static Discharge Wrist StrapsElectro Static Discharge (ESD) Wrist Straps
Retrofit Cabinet Grounding KitsRetrofit Cabinet Grounding Kits
Front-to-back Rail Jumper KitsFront-to-Back Rail Jumper Kits
Grounding Strip KitsGrounding Strip Kits
Grounding Busbar KitsGrounding Busbar Kits

Panduit Ground Jumpers

Equipment Jumper KitsEquipment Jumper Kits
Surge Suppressor Jumper KitsSurge Suppressor Jumper Kits

Panduit Telecommunications Grounding Busbars

Telecommunications Grounding BubarsBICSI/J-STD-607-A Telecommunications Grounding Busbar
Telecommunications Grounding & Bonding Conductor Label Kit Telecommunications Grounding & Bonding Conductor Label Kits

Panduit Ladder Rack Grounding

Auxiliary Cable Bracket & JumperAuxiliary Cable Bracket & Jumper

Panduit Zone Enclosure

Enclosure Ground Kit (PZAEGK)Enclosure Ground Kit (PZAEGK)
Mini-TR Grounding Kit (PZCGK)Mini-TR Grounding Kit (PZCGK)

Panduit Hardware

Thread Forming ScrewsThread Forming Screws
Bonding ScrewsBonding Screws
Bonding Hardware KitsBonding Hardware Kits
Grounding Lug Mounting HardwareGrounding Lug Mounting Hardware
Paint Piercing Grounding Washer KitsPaint Piercing Grounding Washer Kits
Joint CompoundJoint Compound