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Panduit Heat Shrink & Abrasion Protection

Telecommunication Heat Shrink & Abrasion - PVC Tubing, Grommet Ending, Spiral Wrap, Braided Sleeving, Loom Tubing, Harness Wrap, Kit Boxes, Sealing Compounds

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Panduit Logo Heat Shrink and Abrasion Protection products provide an economical and easy way to insulate, protect, harness, and identify electrical and electric components and cable. A wide variety of sizes and materials arre availabte to meet a braad range of indoor and outdoor applications, while providing the lowest installed costs. To help assure optimum quality, Panduit® products are designed and manufactured to meet applicable quality standards including International, UL, Military, ISO and Aerospace.

Panduit Heat Shrink

Dual Wall, Adhesive Lined PolyolrfinDual Wall, Adhesive Lined Polyolefin - Damp Locations
Flame Retardent PolyolefinFlame Retardant, VW-1 Polyolefin - Dry Locations
Flexible NeoprineFlexible Neoprene, Oil and Fuel Resistant - Dry Locations
Flexible PVCFlexible PVC, Flame Retardant - Dry Locations
General Purpose Flexible PolyolefinGeneral Purpose Flexible Polyolefin - Dry Locations
Semi-Rigid KYNARSemi-Rigid KYNAR, Chemical and Heat Resistant - Dry Locations
Semi_Rigid TEFLONSemi-Rigid TEFLON, Temperature Applications - Dry Locations
Thick Wall Adhesive Lined PolyolefinThick Wall Adhesive Lined Polyolefin - End Caps for Wet Locations
Heat Shrink Tools & AccessoriesHeat Shrink Tools & Accessories

Panduit PVC Tubing

Non-Shrink TubingNon-Shrink Tubing

Panduit Grommet Edging

Adhesive LinedAdhesive Lined
Flame RetardantFlame Retardant

Panduit Spiral Wrap

Nylon Spiral WrapNylon Spiral Wrap
Polyethylene Spiral WrapPolyethylene Spiral Wrap
Fire Resistant Polyethylene Spiral WrapFire Resistant Polyethylene Spiral Wrap
Flame Retardant Polyehtylene Spiral WrapFlame Retardant Polyethylene Spiral Wrap
Teflone Spiral WrapTEFLON Spiral Wrap

Panduit Braided Sleeving

Braided Expandable SleevingBraided Expandable Sleeving
Fire Resistant Braided Expandable SleevingFire Resistant Braided Expandable Sleeving
Braided Sleeving ToolsBraided Sleeving Tools

Panduit Loom Tubing

Corrugated Loom TubingCorrugated Loom Tubing

Panduit Harness Wrap

Pan-Wrap Split Harness WrapPan-Wrap Split Harness Wrap

Panduit Kit Boxes

Kit BoxesPlastic Kit Storage Boxes

Panduit Sealing Compounds

Duct Seal Sealing CompoundDuct Seal - Sealing Compound