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Panduit Stainless Steel Cable Ties, Permanent ID

Telecommunications Stainless Steel Cable Ties & Permanent Cable ID

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Panduit Logo PAN-STEEL® System provides a strong, durable method of bundling, identifying and fastening, which can be used in virtually all indoor, outdoor and underground (including direct burial) applications, where sever environmental conditions exist. The ties are designed fo use in critical applications where strength, vibration, radiation, weathering, corrosion and temperature extremes are a factor.

Panduit Stainless Steel Cable Ties & Mounts

Stainless Steel Cable TiesStainless Steel Cable Ties
Stainless Steel MountsStainless Steel Mounts

Panduit Stainless Steel Banding & Strapping

Stainless Steel StrappingStainless Steel Strapping
Pan-Steel Custom Length BandingPan-SteelTM Custom Length Banding

Panduit Permanent Identification (ID) Solutions

Marker Panels and TagsMarker Panels and Tags
On-Site Custom Marking ToolsOn-Site Custom Marking Tools
Pan-Alum Aluminum Marker Plates and TiesPan-Alum Aluminum Marker Plates and Ties