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Panduit Logo PANDUIT® Wiring Duct is the premium wire management product for routing and concealing wiring in control panels. A wide variety of sizes, colors and materials are available to meet the wire capacity needs and space constraints of the smallest wall mounted panels to the largest integrated turnkey systems.

Panduit Terminals - Loose Pieces

Corner Wiring DuctCorner Wiring Duct
Wide Slot Wiring DuctWide Slot Wiring Duct
Narrow Slot Wiring DuctNarrow Slot Wiring Duct
Round Hole Wiring DuctRound Hole Wiring Duct
Solid Wall RacewaySolid Wall Raceway
Wiring Duct CoverWiring Duct Cover
Halogen Free Wiring Duct and CoverHalogen Free Wiring Duct and Cover
Low Smoke and Lox Toxicity Wiring Duct and CoverLow Smoke and Lox Toxicity Wiring Duct and Cover
Flexible Wiring DuctFlexible Wiring Duct

Panduit Accessories

Devider Wall and Mounting BaseDivider Wall and Mounting Base
Wire Retainers Wire Retainers
Corner StripsCorner Strips
Joining StripsJoining Strips
Mounting Brackets and FastnersMounting Brackets and Fasteners
Quick Mount ClipsQuick Mount Clips

Panduit Tools

Hand Held Wiring Duct Cutting ToolHand Held Wiring Duct Cutting Tool
Wiring Duct Finger Cutting ToolWiring Duct Finger Cutting Tool
Wiring Duct Notching ToolWiring Duct Notching Tool
Nylon Rivet Installatoin ToolNylon Rivet Installation Tool
Bench Mount Wiring Duct Cutting ToolBench Mount Wiring Duct Cutting Tool