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Panduit Zone Cabling Systems

Telecommunications Zone Cabling Distribution Points

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Panduit Logo PANDUIT® provides a complete line of zone cabling products for office architecutre applications, telecommunication enclosures, data centers, wireless deployments and network integration of Building Automation Systems. Each zone cabling product serves as a main distribution point for a particular zone increasing network flexibility, manageability, accessibility, and efficiency. Utilizing a distributed network and a Zone Cabling Technology for your physical backbone cables can be integrated into the solution in order to extend the reach of your network beyond copper limitations.

Panduit In-Ceiling Zone Systems

In-Ceiling EcnlosureIn-Ceiling Ecnlosure
Overhead Distribution RackOverhead Distribution Rack

Panduit Wall Mount Zone Systems

Wall Mount CabinetsWall Mount Cabinets
Active Wall Mount EnclosureActive Wall Mount Enclosure
Consolidatoin Point EnclosureConsolidating Point Enclosure

Panduit In-Floor Zone Systems

Raised Floor EnclosureRaised Floor Enclosure
In-Floor EnclosureIn-Floor Enclosure
Underfloor EnclosureUnderfloor Enclosure

Panduit Pan-Zone Cable Assembly

Patch CordPatch Cord

Panduit Wireless Access Point Enclosure

Indoor Wireless EnclosureIndoor Wireless Enclosure
Outdoor Wireless EnclosureOutdoor Wireless Enclosure

Panduit Industrial Zone Systems

Ethernet EnclosureEthernet Enclosure
Ethernet AccessoriesEthernet Accessories