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In the 21st century, communication is the driving force behind every organization, and your own communications infrastructure is your primary asset providing effective links to your mobile workforce and to the outside world. Convergence within your infrastructure, supporting traditional voice, VoIP, IP-based data, and wireless solutions, delivers a huge impact on your network's effectiveness and efficiency. Samsung's experience and award winning innovations in wireline, wireless, digital and IP technology, and core networks, have produced the next generation fully converged communications solution for your business: OfficeServTM 7400.

The OfficeServTM 7400 configuration flexibility supporst your changing business needs, when you need them, so you may always have your ideal IP convergence system working for you. Today you may require TDM communication, and tomorrow you may decide on an IP-enabled technology, or decide a converged system may best support your team. And today, you may select standard desktop wireline phones to fulfill your needs, or perhaps wireless handsets liked into OfficeServTM 7400 to free up your most mobile workers, or some combination of the two. Do functions today only require voice capability, or is productivity improved with voice and data access at 10Mbps to 1Gbps speeds? Samsung system design makes your world simpler. Whether you upgrade from the OfficeServTM 7200, or start out with a single cabinet OfficeServTM 7400 today, you may easily grow your system up to 3 cabinets supporting as many as 720 ports tomorrow.

OfficeServTM 7400 is the ideal solution for today's office and your future office offering enhanced communications to handle increasing and evolving traffic patterns. Your OfficeServTM 7400 simultaneously supports traditional voice communication, VoIP (Voice over IP), IP-based data communication, and wireless solutions through wireless LANs.

Gigabit Network

Advanced Data Networking

Understanding that quality of service (QoS) with insured stability is the top priority for your voice and data communications needs, the OfficeServTM 7400 provides gigabit Ethernet backbone alongside Layer 2/3 LAN switching capabilities to carry your evolving traffic needs.


Reliable Security for wired and wireless

Today, more than ever, with mobile users and access needs growing, security is essential and an obvious need in your communication system. OfficeServTM 7400 will ease your concerns by providing a solution to integrate your firewall, VPN, and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) functions.

Mobile Communication

Secure Wireless LAN

The OfficeServTM 7400 WLAN liberates you from the confines of your office and also provides you with significant cost savings by eliminating needless voice and data cabling and maintenance expenses. With the versatile SMT-W5100E Wireless IP Phone, and Samsung wireless Access Points, the OfficeServTM 7400 delivers full voice and data convergence, not just for your fixed wireline connections, but also within your corporate wireless LAN.

Feature Rich Functionality

Personalize Stations

The needs of individual station users are usually different to some degree, and your OfficeServTM 7400 helps each of them personalize their station to maximize their productivity with those feature selections that serve them best. Up to 6 call forwarding options, caller ID on waiting calls, call overflow options, speed calling, address books, call pickup options, and wireless service options are available. Whatever your needs are, select on of Samsung's modern and stylish Digital 5000 series or IP 5100 series keysets to manage your calls using intuitive displays and feature operation.

Wireless Technology

OfficeServ 7200 Wireless

The OfficeServ wireless solutions provide seamless integration with your wired network, allowing you and your workers to stay connected without being tied down, You'll have access to voice and data from anywhere within your building thanks to your IP-enabled platform and wireless LAN access point.

IP Terminals

Available IP Terminals




Digital Keysets

Available Digital Keysets







DS-5064B AOM

DS 14-Button Strip

Data ModulesInterface Types
PLIM-Layer 2 PoE Switch (16) 10/100 Base-T PoE ports per card
GWIMT-Layer 3 Router (3) 10/100/1000 Base-TX Ethernet Interfaces for LAN or WAN
(1) V.35 Serial Connection
(1) HSSI Serial Connection
(1) SIO port for debugging and programming
GSMIT-Layer 2/3 Switch (12)10/100/1000 Base-TX Enternet ports per card
(1) SIO port for programming
(1) Debug port
GPLIMT-Layer 2 PoE Switch (12) 10/100 Base-T PoE ports per card
(2) 10/100/1000 Base-TX Ports
(1) SIO port for programming and debugging

OfficeServ 7400 Modules • Interface

Types7400 Series
Wireless Handsets 128
Analog Phones
Digital Phones 480
Samsung IP Phones
Voice Mail 12
Maximum Stations 480
Standard IP Trunks 128 128
Standard H/323 64
Analog Trunks
Digital Trunks PRI 240
Networking Trunks (SPNet)
Maximum Trunks 240
Maximum Stations + Trunks + Voice Mail 720

OfficeServ 7400 Maximum Voice Capacities