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Amanda@SOHO Voicemail System

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Amanda@SOHO Flash Memory Voicemail


The AMANDA@SOHOTM Flash provides turnkey Voice Messaging for small office or home office business that require: Voice Mail, Automated Attendant, Message Notifications, Simple Operation and Administration. The plug-and-play system has 4-ports and allows 17 hours of voice storage. It provides: 1,000 user mailboxes, each with 128 messages, 3 custom greetings, 3 personal mailing lists, 3 message notification records. Amanda@SOHO is compatible with most switches including AT&T Lucent, Comdial, Intertel, Iwatsu, NEC, Panasonic, Toshiba, Vodavi and WIN. The System is configured using a TUI, and also has built inn modem and null modem port for trouble shooting and modifying system configuration.


  • 4 Analog ports
  • 17 hours of Flash Memory
  • Built in remote communications modem
  • Up to 1000 mailboxes
  • Very small, wall mountable enclosure
  • Plug and Play connection to a wide variety of PBX systems
  • Operates identically to the former hard drive based SOHO system
  • Off-premise transfers (new feature)
  • 411 directory operation (new feature)
  • Mailbox extension addressing (new feature)
  • Message playback options (new feature)