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Samsung SVMi-4 Voicemail System

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Samsung SVMi-4

Samsung Voicemail Hardware


The SAMSUNG® SVMi-4TM Voicemail System is a powerful communications tool that cost-effectively delivers the benefits of voicemail and call processing to any working environment. Designed specifically to intergrate and utilise the intelligence of the Samsung iDCS100 and Compact II communications systems, the SVMi-4 can be intuitively programmed to provide your organization with an efficient call handling system.


The SVMi-4 comes equipped with 2 ports and capability for 16 mailboxes, and it can be easily upgraded to 4 ports and 32 mailboxes using an upgrade key. The DCS Compact supports either the 2 port SVMi-4 or the 4 port SVMi-4. The SVMi-4 has no moving parts. The memory capacity is almost 5 hours, and is stored on a 64Mb Compact Flash module. The installation of the SVMi-4 is extremely simple. Extension and mailbox information is automatically downloaded upon power up, and the system will operate as soon as it is turned on. The making the SVMi-4 and ideal choice for any growing business. The SVMi-4 brings a higher level of professionalism to your business.


  • Advanced Voicemail Features
  • Easy, simple installation
  • Caller ID Compatible
  • Keyset display and Soft Key support
  • Recordable system prompts
  • Alphabetic Directory
  • Answer machine emulation
  • External pager notification
  • Full message control
  • Message waiting notification
  • Personal greetings